Mr. Palmore was born and raised in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. In his childhood years, he was introduced to the beat of the African Congo Drum, while living in S.E. Washington D.C. in the early 1970’s, by his father and brother. As he continued to progress as a young man he was exposed to bands such as Reds & The Boys, at local block parties, Chuck Brown, Rare Essence, Trouble Funk, and Experience Unlimited at venues/events such as the Washington Coliseum, Wilmer’s Park, Anacostia Park, and Peter Bug Day. Although, he was not old enough to obtain entry in the larger venues, his relatives, who were in bands themselves, would gain access through the back door, based on relationships they had fostered years before on the R&B and Go-Go scene. In 1982, Mr. Palmore relocated to Northern Virginia, where he never forgot his D.C. Roots, in particular his connection to the Go-Go art form. Owing, to the fact that his father, uncle, and cousins grew up with The GodFather of Go-Go, he felt it was his duty to stay connected regardless of the distance.

From the larger well known bands, such as Rare Essence, Little Benny & The Masters, JunkYard Band, and Chuck Brown, to the lesser known bands, such as Progression, Epitome, and North East Groovers, and many others, he found ways to stay connected and more times than not go to various venues throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. No matter where he has travelled he always looked for an opportunity to show love, respect and admiration for the music that he grew up on. Mr. Palmore is a graduate of Prince George’s Community College, with a dual A.A.S, Business Administration & Accounting, he continued his college career at Bowie State University, where he obtained his BS in Business Management, he concluded his college career with a Master’s from University of Maryland University College in 2010. As a devout vegan, Mr. Palmore has a passion for ensuring preservation of self through living a healthy spiritual, mental, and physical life.